Hope Is A Legacy

So I went on a bike ride Wednesday.  When I finished my ride  I called Husband who told me that  Nike let Lance Armstrong “go”.


“Why?” I asked.

“The drug stuff.”    I’m paraphrasing the answer he gave me.

Since I have no knowledge of, or proof of, or information pertaining to the truth of the matter I will continue to know what I know.  And I don’t know.

What I know, basically,  is that an organization was created by a man who would eventually win seven Tour D’ France titles.    Woot!  Come on, that’s a feat.  Grant it I have no understanding of the crazy ass (sorry) technical jargon that went in to how a person actually wins that (or any other) bike race.   A race used to consist of :  get ready, get set, go!   First one to finish wins.  So I don’t know how anyone actually wins.  But, he did.  And I loved it.

I did not love that he had cancer.   I did not love that he (or anyone) suffers this horrible disease.

I do know I was impressed he not only survived cancer, he returned to living life with a vengeance.  He had the great gift of not only surviving and healing, but the gift of life renewed.   And he smashed it.

I do know that the organization he started has created a huge amount of attention to, money to, and support to cancer eradicating causes.    Woot !  Woot!

I don’t know if this man “doped”.  I don’t even truly know what that means.  I don’t know Lance Armstrong.  I have never met him.  I have never spoken to him.  I know nothing other than what I read, you know, like the other seven billion people on earth.   And I don’t know those accusing him.  I know nothing about this at all.

What I know may be over simplified for those either claiming he is a villain or  those defending his honor.   But very simply I understand that  he won races and people are accusing him of winning against the rules.   But I don’t know of proof that he did cheat.  If he did, he shouldn’t have won.   If he didn’t, he should be left alone.   I know, way too simple.  But until there is proof showing he cheated than he is “innocent”.   At least that’s a theory I was raised on.   I read one comment that said “isn’t 26 people testifying against him proof enough”?     My answer: not really.  Because I can say right here:   he is innocent and that does not mean anything.  I can say he is guilty and that doesn’t mean anything.   What I say does not matter.  What happened, matters.   The truth of that,  is what is needed.

What bothers me most about all of this is the impact on what really does matter.


Riding a bike will never be a man’s greatest legacy.

Giving hope to anyone is a legacy.

Possibly being part of finding, or promoting the find for,  a cure for cancer is a legacy.

Two other things I know, that may be over simplified, but no less true:

The next time I ride my bike the craziness around the bike racing world won’t matter.  Maybe they need to stop the madness anyway and go back to:  Get Ready, Get Set, Go!   See who finishes first.   Celebrate.  Give them a trophy.   Stop making it sound like this is what matters in life.  It’s a great challenge and a great win.  Woot!  That’s it.

The next time someone I know is diagnosed with cancer, what treatments and technologies that have been developed to save a life and give hope, will matter.

I’m still wearing yellow.

Because life, quality of life, and being given a chance to smash it on the bike trail.   That matters.