You Make Me Want To Make This World Better

Why is it I will do just about anything for you before I would do it for myself?

Probably because you’ve extended my life.

That’s right.  I will credit you for making my life longer.  And my life more valuable.  More valuable because what I do now may very well affect  you later.

I need to not be greedy with what I use up in this world, of this world.   You know, like not cut down all of the trees.  You might want them for shade, or fruit, or to climb in with your children.

I recycle now because I’m afraid of what’s already been used up and dumped.  Never to be used again, and probably making the earth a little bit nautious.

I want to be kinder to others so I can help create a world of kindness.  For you.  I wish others would see that “fighting”, regardless what level of fighting it is, is always the easy way out.  It takes a lot more work and the benefits to everyone are much better when we all work a little harder to understand, tolerate and come to an agreement that everyone benefits from.   Even if that agreement is to be understanding of our differences.  And accepting of them.

I want to read more to share more with you.  I want to write more to share more with you.   I want to work harder at being smarter so I don’t give you stupid answers.  But I hope I’m at least smart enough to say if I don’t know, than it’s okay to not know, and we can find out together.

I want to be more generous so you understand that the more you give, the more you get.

Because of you I want to run more, play more, sing more, laugh more, work more.   Live more.

Be more.

You make me want to make this world better.  Because I want you to want to make it better too.