When They Start To Talk

When they start to talk, what will they say?

A friend of mine was visiting when my children were little.   I was surprised when out of the blue she said I must talk a lot to my children.   I asked why she thought so.  She  said my children seemed comfortable speaking and really enjoyed talking (they still do).    She attributed that to me communicating with them.

Years later those talkative children grew up to sprout another generation.  And I observed childhood  from yet another angle.  A different and more relaxed perspective.  With a little more patience.  And a lot more latitude.

With the very first grand I would sit her on my lap almost daily  and ask her “what did you do today?”  This habit started even before she could talk.   I would then talk to her about all kinds of things, and sing to her.  Gradually she would jabber and  then  talk,  and then  sing with me.  Apparently I do like to talk to little beings who do not have any way to get up and walk away from me or defend their little ears from me.

Gradually her communication skills grew.   And then it happened.  That moment when she began to speak for herself.  Deciding what it was she wanted to say.   What it was she wanted to know.   We were sitting together in our favorite chair.   She was talking away.  She was just like her mother, she really likes to talk too.    Some things I understood, some things I just absorbed with happiness because she wanted to tell me these things.

And then…

From her own little curiousity she asked:

“What did you do today Mamo?”

I guess what they learn to say might depend on what it is they hear being said.