I Have Nothing To Say To You….


And that is all I have to say today.

APRIL FOOL’S!!!!!!!!!!!!

But because one of you just said “that will be the day!” I refuse to write any more.



Okay, but wait.

I did have one small and nice thing happen today.

Wanna know what it was?


All I did was walk out of work.  A girl who was sitting in a white car got out and approached me and the other woman who walked out at the same time I did.  The white car had the hood up,  and the car sat in the parking lot facing the building I had just left.

Woot Woot!  It’s after 4:00 and I am leaving work.

She says “do either of you ladies have cables to jump my car?”

The lady next to me says “nope” and walks away.

I told her I didn’t know.  But I would check my car, and pointed it out  to her across the parking lot.

I got to my car and opened the back hatch.

Yup.  Got cables.

I got in and drove around the parking lot to where she was parked.

She said “you are a blessing today”.

And she has absolutely no idea how much that meant to me.  And how her little crisis was a blessing to me.

I have read the statement “Lord Let Me Be A Blessing To Someone Today” so many times.  And I think of large, grand things.  I envision purposeful acts and actions that will garner me blessings.

I forget that sometimes just answering someone else’s little plea or prayer might be more than enough.

All I did was walk out of work.  And be where someone needed me.  For just a few minutes.


Other than that I have nothing to say.