For many many many years I have day dreamed of a wonderful place.   I have used this diversion while driving to and from work.   While cleaning house.   While enjoying long and sunny bike rides and I didn’t want to listen to music.

I have created and built a beautiful world.  A village.   And I referred to as my Lottery Village.

But no longer.   I knew Lottery Village would not be the final name.   It was just the working phase name.   The blueprint name.   Now, it is named.

If you can not pronounce it you do not belong there.   I’m not being mean.   I’m just saying its going to be a kind of place that only certain people will want to live there.

And yes, I have say so over all who will live there.   That may turn many away just thinking I have any power at all.  But hey, it’s going to be my lottery winnings, so… deal.

Some people are already chosen for this village.   And it will be a village.   Not a town or suburb or city or borough.    It will be a village.

And I shall call it: