Versatile Blogger Award

I am sometimes, okay all of the time, shocked to find that someone other than a family member or long time friend reads something I write.   And it is an incredible feeling to find a new friend in Germany, or the Philippines, Canada or one of these great 50 states.   These people reach out through their own blogs and read my posts.   Which makes me want to “know” them through their blogs.   So I in turn go read their posts.   I’m amazed at the world and so glad that technology has allowed us to connect in this manner.

Do you want an inspiring and thought provoking quote to make you remember the good in man?   Check out “Bended Spoon”.   She makes me happy, thoughtful and a believer in the good of people.   There is huge comfort to my soul to know that others believe and share their faith for good.

How about some fun and thoughtful posts from someone who makes me feel connected to her world.   She makes me laugh.   And so far away, she makes me feel like I know her.   Check out “Bridges Burning”.

There are young bloggers who introduced me to this wonderful world of sharing.    They prompted me to do the thing I love to do.  And do it for myself because whether I’m “good” or not is of course not the point.  It’s doing it because it has value for me.   So I do it.   And these young bloggers are set to improve the world, love the world and keep the things that are important at the very forefront of living.    They make me laugh with their language, with their openness, and their love.




The reason I’m writing this is that Bended Spoon sent me the “Versatile Blogger Award”.   I don’t know if I’m doing this right but I’m suppose to pass the award on to people.   It sounds like an uplifting and fun thing to do.   I don’t know how to exactly pass the award it’s self.   So I’ll do what I can and pass it on with my appreciation to all of those who have made me laugh, think or wish I was more creative!    So in addition to bloggers I’d like to throw out a little thanks to the comic bloggers I love.   I love the reality they share.   The brassiness and brashness of their posts.  Not to mention their skill.


Julia Wentz

And I’m suppose to tell you 7 random facts about myself….


Sometimes I think I was born at the age of 30.   Sometimes I wish I had been born later because there’s SO much awesome stuff out here to enjoy.

I absolutely love raisin cinnamon bagels from Tim Horton’s.  Unless they’re stale.   Then I’m sad.

I have musical talent inside of me.  But’s its so well buried I haven’t been able to find it thus far.

I use to be 5′ 7″.    Now I am often 9′ or taller.  But just to make sure I blend in I usually stay a comfortable 5′ 6″.

I would wear black every single day if I had enough black clothes.

I think that I have been one of the luckiest people God ever created.

I need to be better schooled in computer literacy.

So here is my thanks to Bended Spoon for sharing this award with me!   And my acknowledgement to some others who entertain me and support the art of living!