The Five Dollar Lesson

I think the little things we do in life paint the bigger picture of our ethics.  Our values.  Our morality.

Today Husband called me when he got to work.  He walks to work and usually calls or sends me a text to let me know he got there okay.  Today he told me he found  $5 on his walk.   Without thinking I said “woot woot!”   Imagining he just found it in the streets.

He said he found it in the snow.  He said it appears to have fallen in the snow as someone got in to their car this morning.  The fresh snow showed foot prints and a car’s tire tracks pulling away from in front of a house.   He was going to go back after work.  He was afraid the loss of that $5 might mean more to someone else than the finding of it for him.

But at lunch he called me.  He walks at lunch time as well.  He passed the same house and decided to not wait until after work.

He knocked at the house and a woman answered.   He told her what he found and where.  She told him that “Paula” had lost her lunch money on her way to work.

She seemed very happy and pleased that he returned it.

But not as  happy and pleased as I am that I have this man in my life who values something more than money.