I’m Hi

Some people are high rollers.  High flying.   There are the high and mighty.  Some, of course, are just high.    Me, I’m just a hi rider.

When I get out on the bike trail on a sunny, or not sunny, day I can’t help but feel good.  The energy I am expending never seems too much to say “hi” to a fellow cyclist.   Never.   Even on days I have bonked.  “Bonked” meaning I have lost all energy, depleted all reserves, and can barely function.   But even then passing bikers, walkers, skaters and whatevers get a “hi” from me.

And on a sunny day hot enough in October, and I mean hot not warm,  for a bike ride; why wouldn’t I be happy enough to say “hi”.   Exactly.  So I say hi.  Which makes me a hi rider.  To which some people love, some ignore me, some seem surprised.

And now that we live on a bike trail I am exposed to even more bikers, and walkers, and skaters, and whatevers.   Today I finished my bike ride and returned home to cut the grass.  With an old fashioned style mower.  The kind without a mower.  So now I can “hi” to riders and walkers and skaters and whatevers even while I cut the grass.   Interesting how people responded to my grass cutting tool.   One lady said “that’s the only way to cut grass” and gave me a thumbs up.   One man stopped to speak to me to tell me he hadn’t seen one of those in over twenty years.  And he misses them.    People driving by tend to just stare at me.  Out of jealousy I am sure.  I mean, they are sitting in a car having to go somewhere or return from somewhere.  I’m at home, in the sun, cutting grass, and enjoying it.

Apparently I am a hi mower as well.

So be it.