Not On The Beach In Hawaii

My nephew’s wife took him to Hawaii for his birthday.

They graciously allowed me to not go with them.

Here I am,

Not on the beach with him.

Nephew. Beach. Hawaii.

I’m still wearing the lei I didn’t get at the airport when I didn’t arrive there.

I hope the bikini isn’t too racy.

I wore a high waisted suit,

You know,

Mom body and all.

Then his wife was kind enough to share her Banan with me,

Which I thought was very kind.

By the way,

You can’t really not go to Hawaii and not wear a Hawaiian shirt.

Banan. Share. Hawaii.

I’ve got to say,

For being on holiday in Hawaii,

Nephew and wife are both very generous

With my no-presence there.


I’m looking forward to not seeing the rest of Hawaii!

Thank you for not letting me go along.