Books Are Chocolate

For lovers of words books are chocolate.

To have and to hold sounds marital.  But it’s aptly applied to a book lover and their books.  Just try to separate a book lover from her/his stash of life long gathered treasures.   Don’t bother.  I can’t tell you the angst I live with still…after having to separate myself from one thousand books when we moved from our larger house to our downsized house.   It’s horrible having to decide….which ones stay.  Which ones go.

I surround myself with books.  I love the written word.  To be able to hold entire lives, worlds and creations in my hands.  To go there.  Such sweet stuff.  Like I said, books are chocolate.   When we travel, anywhere, and I buy books I put them in my back pack and carry them with me.  Everywhere.   In Ireland in 2010 we rode many bike  miles in Ireland.  Adding books to the back pack.  Never taking them out.  Even though we had a house and a car to leave them in.   I didn’t want to take a chance of losing them.  So they went with me.   Here I am with about seven pounds of books in my bag.

Books On My Back

In my house when you sit down there will be books behind you.   Books beside you.   Books in front of you.  Depending on where you sit they might be under you as well.

There is no way to show you all of my books without further boring you.   But I also suspect a few of you may be checking out the titles of the books to try and determine a few things about me.  Trust me, the list of books in my possession will not tell you anything definitive about me.   Other than I am a little obsessive, eclectic, and intrigued by many things.



There is this.




I am at once fearful and anticipatory.   Husband is telling me of the things this flat piece of plastic and other unknown substances that I can not flip through, thumb through and become attached to.   I say “so this little piece of wonder has the potential to put us in great debt?”   He says “oh heavens yes”.   As he lists the things one can pay for to store upon it’s “cloud”.    I asked Husband (who thought we needed it) how many books can it hold?  He wasn’t sure.   “Thousands” I ask?   “Oh my yes”  he says.   Yes, he really talks like that.  If it holds thousands…..   I pause.  Contemplating.   I could hold thousands of books in my hand?  At one time.   Is this worth betraying the book.  The actual book.  Could I be swayed from book holding, book smelling, book feeling with the possibility of the worlds this could open to me?

No.   Not for thousands of books I couldn’t.


 “Millions”  I ask.   He hesitates, not sure of the correct answer.   He says “I doubt it”.

Pffft.   “I’m not as impressed now.”

Fears dissipated.

Books win.

I’m sure I will use the reader thing.   But if I read a book I like then I have to go buy the book anyway.  Which could make this a very costly venture indeed.

To have and to hold.   Books.  Forever.  I do.