Make It A Threesome

My husband and I were traveling in Ireland many years ago.  We were on our way to see the Cliffs of Moher.  We stopped in a lovely little town, Ennistymon.  There was a little restaurant called “The Sugan Chair”.   Most times in Ireland when we stop to eat we order tea.  There’s nothing better than being in Ireland, exploring, and drinking tea.  When the waitress brought out the tea we each made our tea to our very different tastes.  I remember vividly lifting that cup for the first taste and the aroma getting to my brain before the tea touched my palette.  The aroma itself lifted my eyebrows and soothed me in comfort.  That first taste.  Oh.  I had no idea tea could taste that good.  I held the cup right under my nose as I savored the taste, so I was getting the double whammy.  Aroma.  Taste.  Make it a threesome, with the addition of my hands absorbing the comfort of the warmth of the cup.

We’ve returned to Ennistymon a few times over the years.  The Sugan Chair is gone.  There have been restaurants of other names in its place.  We’ve gone in, sat down, and enjoyed a cup of tea.  The tea has always been good.  But never has it reached the level of that perfect cup of tea of so many years ago.

I love a good cup of tea.  A good memory.  A good love to share it with.

That best cup of tea.  Some things really can reach a level of perfection.