Pepsi, I Am Not Offended

I just viewed Pepsi’s controversial commercial for the first time.

I’m sure this will not be a popular stance, but I was not offended.

I watched as a movement of people who appear to be advocating for peace and inclusion, takes to the streets, to be heard.

People are encouraged to join them, by others, or by their own feelings.

What I take from it so far is that part of the intention is to build rapport.




How many real life situations have gone viral in this hypocritical world, where protestor and other protestor, or protestor and law, meet; a kind gesture is caught between the two ‘sides’.  Something is exchanged from one side to the other; a hug, a rose, a tear, a bottle of water…  And the world applauds.

Here, a simple commercial showing and advocating peace and inclusion incorporates a usually trending moment to sell-because that’s what ads do-and now it’s offensive.

The commercial showed people rejoicing because a human being doing his job accepted a kind gesture from someone in a movement.

I hope the world forgives me for being simple minded.   But I feel it was that simple.  It was a kind gesture.

The commercial did not show the world’s problems being resolved.  It did not minimize anyone’s issues by a kind act.  Give a pop.  Be kind to one another.  And they moved on.

And you know what?  I think there are a lot more of these moments than we see.  Because as the world just proved, this kind of action, consideration and kindness does not sell.  So why promote it, right?

I accepted this commercial for it’s intention.  To sell pop.   To use kindness and trending moments to sell pop-because that’s what advertising does.  And I appreciated the message of ‘be kind’.

The movement was not offensive.

The officers were not offensive.

The gesture was not offensive.

Be kind.

Be kind.

Be kind.

For whatever reason people were offended, okay.   I just wanted to share why I was not.

Some people may use the word ‘soda’.  I do not.  No offense meant.