Harry Or Waldo

I’ve never read Harry Potter.  I tried.  But I couldn’t.  Don’t know why.  Doesn’t matter.  I just could not read it/him/the series.   But who hasn’t seen him?  I had to go to the eye doctor today.  The one pair I was totally in love with was $500 for just the frames.   But I kept looking.  Perusing other frames, but knowing not to linger because I won’t be able to make up my mind.  Then I see a pair of glasses.  They look oddly familiar.  And I was oddly attracted to them.

I know what it is!  They are Harry Potter glasses.

So I try them on.

And then I share it on Facebook.

Unfortunately I’m not as witty as what I thought.

Because one friend said:    THERE’s WALDO!


If I Had Been Wearing This

Here’s the real Harry Potter.

Photo Courtesy Of This Poor Child’s Mother: Maggie