Possibly A Slight Exaggeration

I have a fairly strong ability to leave work behind me.  I can define that by saying I will be working on a situation one day, walk in to work the next day, and have no recollection of what I was doing the day before.   Until I start working on it again.  Then it will come back to me.

When I leave work, I leave it at work.  For the most part.  It has been a true blessing for most of my work life.  Not that it has always been left at work.   But 98% of work, has been left there.

In the past month or two I have developed the habit of walking out after work with my boss.  After all of our years working together this has not always been something we’ve been able to do.  Right now, we can.

We were talking about the busy-ness of the day today and as we walked out the door she said “Colleen just leave it behind you, leave it here”.

I turned to look at her and said “who are you?”