This Day

I have blogged about being a coffee drinker.  I think I was a poser.  Until today.  Today I became a full fledge bona fide coffee drinker.  I drank it black.  On ice.  No sugar.  And not on purpose.  Those dandy’s at Tim Horton’s….I love them.  They filled the cup to the brim, put the lid on it which made the coffee expand out the little x for the straw.  The young man said “don’t squeeze the cup it’s too full”.  Which meant I could not take the lid off and put in sugar and cream.  I felt strong and invincible when I drank that coffee, probably about 3 ounces of it so I could put in my fake sweetener and cream.  I did not gag. I did not spit it out.  I drank it.    My apologies for any premature claim to coffee drinker status.

Now on to other important things.

Today I bought walking sandals for Ireland.  Sandals.   The purchase of sandals for Ireland is my way to ensure our time in Ireland is warm and sunny.  Though most people who go to Ireland prepare for the rain, I choose to prepare for the sun.  (If you pay any attention to my blogs you know I just bought an awesome rain jacket so the previous comment was actually a lie.  I’m sorry.)  But I also bought shorts.  Lots of them.   So I have shorts and sandals, and previously purchased light shirts for biking.   So  I think that technically and literally  outweighs the preparation for rain.  So technically (redundant use of the word technically)  I think I am more prepared for sun than rain.  My previous apology is rescinded.

My evening is being rounded out by a group of us sitting around the table.  On our computers.  House hunting.  Game playing.  Letter writing.  Diners/Drive Ins & Dives restaurant shopping and video clipping.  I don’t know what Tyler is doing.  But he’s here and we love him.

The most important part of my day had nothing to do with me.

On a serious note.  I went to the funeral home today.  I never met the man who passed.  But I went because I know two of his sons and his wife.  The only thing I know about him is what I know of his sons.  They are wonderful young men.  I admire them.   Their personal discipline and hard work has impressed me from the time I met them as teen agers.  They have become good and decent men.  I am sorry for their loss.  And just wanted to do a thank you to these young men and their parents for who they are.  Rest In Peace.