That Day




I was driving to work.  I heard on the radio that “a plane” had flown into one of the Twin Towers.  I couldn’t fathom the reality.  In my mind I was seeing a small plane, someone who was learning to fly, something ….. not like what I would learn.  I arrived at work.  As I was signing-in the receptionist was telling me what was happening.  We turned tv’s and radios on and listened.  Watched.  Horrified.  Stunned.  Disbelief even.  We couldn’t leave work.   Later when I went home I picked up pizza, that mostly went uneaten, as we continued into the night-watching.  Helpless.  Unable to process it.  Unable to stop it.  Unable to ‘help’.   Time has never changed that feeling.  Those days after, the world, though reeling in chaos, also had an unexpected effect.  Kindness.  Charity.  Sympathy.  When the devil reached out to strike, the follow up was surely not what the devil expected.