A Meeting With Zoltan

We sat at an outside cafe.  Within minutes a young man with a crew cut style hair cut and a beautiful beard asked if he could sit at the table with us.  We welcomed him, this stranger with beautiful eyes.

We talked at length with him about his life.  He is from Hungary and believes Budapest is the most beautiful city in the world.  But he isn’t going back, not to live.  He’s lived in Greece.  His dream is to visit Nashville, Tennessee.  Though he hoped at one time to live there, he has decided it is too far away from someone very important to him.  Now he lives in, and loves, Ireland.  He loves the ease and comfort of the people.  He appreciates the helpfulness everyone shows one another, the patience and consideration he sees all around him.   I told him I admired how he has lived and brought pieces of the world together wherever he is.  I told him I would love to live in Ireland.

He replied “then you should”.

He tilted his head, spoke in that Irish infected Hungarian soft accent.  And looked me in the eyes.  I smiled.  yes.  Then I should.  I felt a bit mesmerized.

My husband broke the spell by saying “…..family”.

The waiter brought Zoltan his meal, Zoltan set it aside.  He found talking with people he didn’t know more important than eating.

So we talked some more.

When we left I knew chances were slim we would see him again.  But he told us if we returned to come see him where he worked.  As we parted, I knew we were strangers no more.










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