Take Me Away

What I’d like to do today – is get on a bike.  With a backpack full of things’ I’ll need.  A cooler on the handy little bike rack made for the dandy little bike cooler.  The pack and the cooler full of things I would enjoy having with me.   A little notebook and my mini-laptop.   Think Thin bars, one Diet Coke, some cold water, veggie chips.   Maybe a few other things.  I would like to get on this bike and get on a road.  A road full of visions, empty of cars, loaded with color and void of need.

And ride.

And ride.

And ride.

No talking.  Plenty of sunshine.  Plenty of sweating.  Plenty of view attracting my eyes and distracting my mind.  I want my legs to pedal and take me where I need to go.  I need to go where my body can take me away from my thoughts.   Because I need to use my body in ways I don’t always get to.  But have the ability to.

Some days I just need to take a bike ride out of my life.  Travel around a new place.  An unknown place.  A beautiful and stunning place.  Peaceful but for the sounds of energy and wheels.

Bike Taking Me Away

And when I return I will be restored.

Because that’s where my body goes to mend my mind.