Mitt’s In the Neighborhood

In the chaos of this presidential campaign there are quite a few things that impress me.

This is not a political essay or a support for or against anyone.

It’s just an observation.

How’s come everyone keeps saying such negative things about our country and where it’s heading?

There is a lot “wrong”.  But let’s take a look at what’s right.

Kids care about what’s going on.  Every young person I know has an opinion about the candidates.  The issues.   I see a lot of stuff on Facebook.  Maybe Facebook isn’t a great place to discuss politics.  But you know what?  Kids are discussing politics.  Yes, on Facebook, but more importantly?  With one another.  With their friends.  With their significant others.  They are watching debates and looking at results.  Their talking about it at Chipotle.  Their wondering about insurance.  They wonder what their future will hold depending on who is elected.

I didn’t do that as a kid.

To be quite honest, I don’t do a lot of it now.   Maybe part of that is because I never did when I was a kid.

And it’s not just the kids.  It’s everyone.

Everyone cares what happens.  Everyone has an opinion.   Not everyone has an answer.  But everyone seems to hope that one of the candidates has an answer.  A solution.  A resolution.

Mitt (can I call him “Mitt”?) is going to be less than a mile from my house.

I’m tempted to go, as many are, just to say I went.  Will I be able to get close enough to listen or hear anything?   Or am I going to just go and stand on the outskirts of the mob.  Which means I can probably stand on my porch and say I was there.  

I did go see a president speak once.  We stood in a very large crowd on a university campus.  I could see him way far away.  I could not hear a thing he was saying.   Though I could hear the hecklers who were brave enough to stand as far back as us and throw taunts in to the air to make it even more difficult to hear.   It was something.  Standing there to listen to a president speak.  But I have no idea what he said.  He could have been singing ring-around-the-rosey for all I could hear.

I don’t know how much “hope” lies in the candidates themselves.

I actually feel more confident about the state of our country because of who cares about the politics and the candidates.

And that inspires me.

Maybe I should wade in to the chaos.