Truth Be Told

Have you ever taken a debate class?   My brother did years ago.  I can’t remember if it was in high school or college.  But I remember him telling me how he was assigned to take “a” position and debate it.   He “won” that debate.  Then he and the other student had to switch places and debate what they were just opposed to.  My brother won that debate as well.  Even after convincing everyone that the first stance he took, was the proper stance.  Whatever the debate was about.

So go politics.

Or part of them anyway.

I think the politicians are completely wrong in their handling of what they say about their opponent.

I would like to see all persons running for a public office have to tell the voters what it is about their opponent that they would vote for.  What it is, about your opponent, that you see as a positive in their handling of their community, their laws, their voting, their decision making.  I want to know what it is that politicians respect about politics and the people they need to work with.  Or for.  And no, they can’t then voice why they would not vote for the other.  I want to hear a clear message of the good things about who wants to speak “for” us, run our country, and “lead” us.

It’s difficult to choose an individual to vote for when all we know is what’s wrong with them.  By the politicians own voices and “approved” messages there isn’t anyone to vote for.

I want the best person for the job.  Not the person who has the most money.  Or the most influence.  Or the least amount of bad things said about them.    I want to know why I should vote for any of them.  If we shouldn’t be voting for them, how did they get this far in to running this great country?

Somebody, please, tell me some truths.  About politics.  If there are any.