The Bus Stop


Bus Stop

I don’t know where she came from.

I was doodling at lunch time.

And there she was.

I didn’t do anything other than drag my pen down the page, and her face and body appeared from the pen not making full contact.

I saw her though I had not intended to create her.

My feelings are, that I was supposed to see her, and think about her.

I immediately assigned feelings and thoughts to her, even though I don’t know her.  And she just appeared.

But it felt like she has a purpose.

So I gave her a shopping bag.

And wondered about her purpose.

She looks forlorn.

Then it occurred to me that maybe she isn’t.

Maybe her story is not portrayed in this snapshot.   Maybe the snapshot is nothing more than an incomplete image.

I keep staring at her.

Wanting to create her story.

But maybe, her story is not mine, to create.