Baby Time! Blame The Son In Law!!!!!

I am fairly unflappable.

In a crisis or a panic I am steady and rock like.  Probably because everything shuts down.  Fight or flight leaves out one other option, which is, I have no other option but to deal with life on life’s terms.   I’m not fighting it or running from it.  I’m just doing what I can.  However you look at it, for my own ego we will go with…. I am stoic.

The baby watch has been in full force for two weeks.  The doctor is ready.   Momma to be is ready.   Daddy to be is ready.   Baby apparently is not.

Until tonight.

Phone ring…ring….ring.


Son In Law….her water broke, meet us at the hospital!

Me….literally and physically jumping up.   Heart rate has tripled.  Oh my God make sure I take my phone and computer.   Oh my God I’ll be at the hospital before they are….is she okay?   Oh….

Son In Law….yeah she’s fine.   But go, we’re on our way.  

Me…..okay….uh….uh  Unflappable.   Stoic.  I am.  I am.  I am.

Son In Law……hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!   I got you!  I got you!

Me….what?   what?????

Son In Law…..hahahahahahahahahahahaha  she made me do it.  She wanted to do it but couldn’t with out laughing.   Hahahahahahahaha.

Me…..I have no recall of what I said.    Until I told him:   I will slap you the next time I see you!    

Son In Law:   hahahahahahahahahahaha!  

I walk down the hallway and tell Husband what Son In Law just did.  Husband shakes his head.   He knows Son In Law has set himself up for ….. that’s right…. Mother In Law revenge.   Mother In Law with a 4th Degree Black Belt Revenge.  We’ll just call it MIL-4DBBR.

So when you read this and think we are celebrating the arrival of a new baby you may blame the Son In Law.

Son In Law is going down!

Between all of you and me?   This was my proudest moment of Son In Law.   He got me good.   He got me real good.