Not Quite Ever

Thoughts and emotions

Don’t always form words.

Words don’t always make sense.

Sense cannot always be found.

But something comes

From the constant searching

To understand.

It may not be what was sought,

It may not make any sense,

What is found

May be unexpected.

 Once found-

Is a bridge to accepting.

Paralleled to understanding.


Not quite ever….

20151226_202242 3

I wanted to write but I ended up doodling this because words didn’t help.

This didn’t express what I was trying to think through.

But it helped me, the process of it, to get through a powerful moment.

I can look at it and know what it represents.

It holds a tremendous amount of emotion, questions and unformed thoughts.

I didn’t expect that.

Sometimes there are no answers.

Just a journey to acceptance.