The Wind In My Hair

Wind 2

And music in the air.



Yesterday on a mini road trip we were driving with the windows up and the air conditioner on.   I was ‘working’ on the computer.  Husband was driving.   We passed a pickup truck.  The man driving was tanned.  His window was down.  His arm on the door, just hanging there.  He was closer to being outside than inside.   I looked at my lap.  Where I’d been looking for an hour.  Instead of at the sky.  Or the passing rolling hills.  I shut the computer and slid it in to my backpack.  I told my husband we needed to roll the windows down.   When I’m driving I do this.  But I was trying to do double duty while I was the passenger.  Instead of relaxing with the fresh air and music playing-I wasn’t.  Instead of taking advantage of the rains having stopped and the air being full of nutrition and energy-I wasn’t.

Windows went down.

Arm went out.

And a thank you sent out to the hair flying, tanned armed, relaxed looking guy just moving down the highway.