Name Calling

Creature of habit.   Call me that.   I like structure, routine, same old same old.  It’s who I am.   That’s not to say I don’t appreciate spontaneity.  Doing the unexpected or breaking out of my routine is good for me.  I like doing different things and trying out new opportunities.

But I still like my routine.  A lot.  AN AWFUL LOT.    So much so-that not having it is effecting all of you as well.   Some of you are well aware of this (sorry husband).  Some of you- maybe not so much.  But it is.  Believe me.

The past month has been routine-less.

Sure I still get up, go ride my bike, do my hand weights four mornings a week, go to work, do my TKD.  But that’s it.  Where I use to also go home and ride, and do MORE TKD, and write daily,  I now-don’t.

I have to say, I don’t like it.

I like the way I felt when I got up, rode, did my hand weights, went to work, came home, rode, worked on my TKD, wrote every day, talked to my mom and my kids, talked and emailed with friends.  I had even made sure to do a little more during the work week as far as going places and doing things.  Get out of the house one or two evenings a week and “go to town”.   Literally, go in to town to see the kids and babies.   But that has all changed.

And it’s for one reason.


Buying and selling a house isn’t so much the life altering factor.   It’s taking someone else’s house that was perfectly okay to move in to and totally changing it in to something that is perfectly me (us) to move in to.  Well, I can’t even say totally changing it.  And certainly not perfectly changing it.  We are painting and tearing things out.  But the work is far from perfect.  I had originally asked my brothers to help, but due to some intense electrical and plumbing work we decided to do we got a contractor (that is another blog all together, actually about ten blogs of which five have already been written).   Meanwhile I have taken, let’s call them detours (instead of short cuts).   Don’t tell my brothers.  Or one of my sisters.  Mainly because these detours have left perfectionism on the roadside.   Yes I am OCD.  Yes that means anal retentive.  But I take pride in the fact I can let go of that in some areas of my life.   Like painting, shoe molding, trim, doorways, plaster, etc….  Uhm, but my siblings who are much better at this seem to apply OCD to all areas of construction and décor.  I, on the other hand, like to apply all of my OCD behaviors to what I can actually do and control.  And I can not do construction.  Or reconstruction.  But I can ride my bike, do my TKD, write, visit with my kids, drive my husband crazy.   These things I Iike to have control of.

Where I can not stand to be out of my routine I can totally live with the imperfection of my renovating.  Because I want the renovating done so I can go back to my routine.

Creature of habit.   Call me that.