Monday Night Excitement

So, what would I be doing if I wasn’t doing what I am doing right now?


Something else.

HA!  Come on, that was funny.

I could be all philosophical about this answer.  But some days I just don’t want to.  I want to be doing something else.

Right now I’m sitting on my porch looking at all of the houses on the street.  And imagining who I would put in the houses.   If I owned all of the houses.  It wouldn’t be my Ittakesa Village mind you, but if I bought up all of these houses I do know who I would want living in them.  (For someone who has such fanciful daydreams about lottery winnings you would think I would play the lottery.)

I started to write out who I wanted living where and thought that was stupid better of it.   It might make some people upset to know I am planning their lives.  Some might get upset because they aren’t included.  Though I should write it because I know some people don’t read it and it wouldn’t matter at all.

I also happen to be judging all of the bicyclists and runners going by my house. I know they are judging me for sitting on my butt on my porch on such a wonderful evening.  I’m sitting her in my bike shorts and workout shirt because I have already ridden one hour and thirty five minutes today.   Done pushups.  And am just relaxing for a bit until I do my TKD.  Because I didn’t want to sit in the house or workout in the house and waste this pretty day.   But I know they’re judging me because I’m just sitting here doing nothing.  So I’m judging them back.  They don’t know I’m writing this brilliant piece for all of you.

Some people need to smile when they ride.  Well, that does sound a bit judgmental doesn’t it?  Maybe those who look so sour are working out some residue from their work day.  Or family drama.   I apologize for that.   But if they are nasty by nature, than I don’t apologize.  It’s up to them.

Out of the fifty or so bikers that have passed since I sat down not one single one has a helmet on. Sure, it’s their choice.   Whatever the arguments are to not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle do not apply while riding a bike.   A helmet most certainly will protect you and make a difference if you have an accident while riding a bicycle.

And of course as I wrote that a girl rode by with a helmet on.   I feel better now.

I appreciate people who run or ride by who smile or nod or wave.   If they’re talking to one another and don’t see us that’s okay.  If they’re totally absorbed in what they’re doing and don’t notice us, that’s okay.   But if you look right at me and I wave and smile…toss a nod this way.   I promise you, if your name isn’t Lance, you are not a better bicyclist than I am.  Some people and their elitism attitudes.

Runners.  I love that they run.  I most love the ones who seem to be struggling. And they keep going.   I love that they are doing something, for whatever reason, and they’re giving it their all.

I think I will build something this summer and put it in the front yard.  I still see runners carrying their water bottles.  I think I will put this thing there so runners can put their water bottles on it for strategic drink points.  I want to encourage them and help however I can.

Sad as it is I have to stop writing now.  I have other stuff to do.

By the way, my blog title was a misnomer.   There is no Monday night excitement.  That was sarcasm.   Or a lie.