Come On Day!

I have a busy day planned.  My plans include it to be a great day.  Nothing in concrete.  Including the greatness part.

But I will soon be heading off to teach TKD to some young warriors to be.

I will possibly have lunch with my sister.

I will possibly go on a bike ride with David.

I will possibly do some laundry.  Come on, clean clothes ARE great.

I will possibly get a minute to sit in my cabin, or on it’s porch.

I will possibly hear from someone else.  Or have another suggestion thrown my way on something I might possibly want to do.

It’s early.  So instead of writing about what has happened I thought I might put it out there that I have no idea what will happen.   Who I’ll talk to.  What subjects I’ll talk about.

But I’m looking forward to it!   And happy to have this day!