Courteous, I Am

I choose to believe that cranky butt people I pass on the bike trail just don’t hear me when I joyfully call out “hi”, “hello”, “good morning” and they do not respond.  I keep it short.  Or I might wave and smile.  And those who do not respond….well, they just don’t hear me.  Right?  It’s not that I feel entitled to them and their pleasantries.   Uhm, but complaining about this kind of does make it sound like I feel entitled.  Regardless.   I do feel that as a whole society is better off when we are civil, kind and thoughtful towards one another.  Because why in the world would anyone choose to have no pleasant interaction with fellow human beings.   It’s not natural.  So, if I’m out pedaling about and I say hello pleasantly and they refuse to acknowledge me, than I choose to believe that they just did not hear me.

It is not  because they are:

1.  Rude

2.  Anti-social

3.  Elitist bikers/runners/dog-walkers/in-line skaters/eliptigo-ers

4.  Stuck up

5.   Better than me.

And it is most certainly not because I annoy anyone I pass because I say “hi” even if there are ten of them in a row passing me and I jovially say “hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi”.

I mean, that is not the problem.


I didn’t think so either.