It’s My Village


It’s my village.

It’s that go to dream I dream when I want to pretend reality isn’t all there is.

It’s that go to ideal when I really want to be idealistic.

I build it.  In my my thoughts, my dreams, and in my wishes.

I build it with love and humor.  I imagine it’s stone and mortar, log and shingle, all of the physical of it.  I picture it.  I design it. I put homes made specifically for special people in just the right places.  I put community right in the center of everything.   And everyone right in the center of the purpose.

I put my villagers in the homes, in the businesses, in the world I see as perfect.

It’s my village.

It’s my home.

It’s how I think through stress and frustrations, disappointments and worries.  I build.  I build this wonderful world.

If it never physically exists,

It’s foundation and plans,

Hopes and dreams of it,


Right now it may not physically exist,


It is.