Sick Dilemma Solved

I love being at home.  No doubt about it.   L O V E   I  T.    No question.    But sitting home, sick, is nothing to feel good about.   I enjoy being home when I am home because I can be home not because I can’t go to work.    And when I am home sick I feel guilty.   There, I said it.

Why is it we feel guilty about being sick?   I don’t like using sick time.   I feel guilty for using it, even though in my job I have the great fortune to have the ability to earn it.   But the irony is I hate to use it.   For many reasons.  First, I hate being sick.    I mean, who enjoys being sick?   Second, I feel guilty being at home when my co-workers are at work.   Third, I would feel guilty going to work with something contagious and spreading it, but when I’m sitting at home feeling like crap I feel bad that others are at work.   Vicious cycle.   Fourth, I have this very strong sense of responsibility:  if I’m suppose to be there, I should be there.

So how did our world evolve to this?

Why is there all of this guilt?  This terrible, heavy burden load of guilt that weighs upon us when we are sick.   Like we don’t feel bad enough as our insides are heaving and vying for a place in the world outside of us.   We don’t need this horrendous burden.

But the flip side of this is:   people who come to work sick are not strong individuals!   No they aren’t!!!!   Bar the doors and send them HOME!!!!!   By the time they have come to work for three days with fever and hacking and germ flinging coughs and sneezes they have infected us all!!!!!

I propose we all keep personal thermometers at our desks.  With alcohol swabs to clean them of course.   All temps are taken daily.   No, no….  Better yet, get a breathalizer/temperaturizer (I get the patent for this idea- I call it right here and now)  installed on the locked entrance doors.  You breath in, your temp is recorded.   If its high you are forbidden admission.   Which actually solves TWO problems.  One, the people who refuse to stay home when sick are MADE to go home so they don’t have a choice.   And TWO, those who are sent home sick are not burdened with guilt, they don’t have a choice.

I am brilliant.

Why won’t they let me rule the world?

Okay, this would at least make me feel less guilty about being sick.  Then maybe I could relax and enjoy being sick at home.   Uh, enjoy being at home, even though I am sick is what I mean.