Back Check

I went to a chiropractor today.  For the assessment and evaluation part.  The doctor was so stunned by my records she came in to meet me.   She wanted to see this 46 year old who had all of these breaks.  She thought I was much too young.  I think she was surprised to see a relatively healthy and happy and mobile individual in front of her.  She asked me what my health goals are.  I told her to be walking when I am 90.  She seemed to like that answer.

I don’t know what all of their tests show yet.  I’ll find that out Monday.  She wanted to feel my spine.  So she did.  I was relieved when I didn’t hear any “oh my God”s or “crap”s.

She was very upbeat and I loved that about her.  She was very engaging.  I loved that about her too.  Her 6 year old is in martial arts so we have that little bond.  I told her one of my motivations to be as proactive in my health as possible is meeting an aging grand master a few weeks ago.  He can barely walk.  It gave me reason to stop.  Pay attention.  Though I have been attacked by many animals on bike rides, and received injuries while partaking in ‘healthy’ activities, I am healthy.  But am I healthy enough?  I don’t want to take for granted that because I am active it will be enough to get me through the aging years.  Because people, I am here to tell you, there are a lot of folks who wanted to cash in on their golden years.  So they get in line for many years not paying attention to what they are doing, they go to cash in their youth and middling years for those golden ones…. and guess what?  There is not enough golden to go around.  Some of us are stuck with what ever is left over.  And it’s left over because no one else wanted them.

One of my TKD instructors recently said to me “stop being afraid of the pain”.   I told him I am not afraid of pain.  I am afraid of damage.  I handle the pain fairly well.  If punches and kicks and jumps and stunts were only going to result in passing pain I could and would go right ahead and continue these activities.  But I’ve learned, the pain doesn’t fade if the damage is permanent.

So I’ll get the feedback on Monday.  I think it will be worth it to know more about myself.  And more about keeping me healthy.

I plan on riding bikes and practicing my forms until my 99th birthday.   After that I’ll take some time off to eat more Blizzards.