The Santa In Us All

I believe in Santa.

Whether or not a rotund man with a jolly disposition and a suit of red and white descends down the chimney is not necessarily what or who I’m referring to.   Though I am not arguing his existence.  I may be counted on that believer’s list as well.

I refer to “Santa” as a belief.  A belief in that part of humanity that believes in goodwill and generosity.  That believes in kindness and the innocence of children.

I believe there is “Santa” in the good deeds done.   The good wishes being sprinkled amongst us, over us, all around us by people who truly believe in the goodness of others.

I believe there is “Santa” in the basic concern one  human being demonstrates to another human being.

I see “Santa” in the people of this world who give generously of themselves, their time, their efforts and energy to make the world a little bit sweeter because of their existence.

I see “Santa” in children who ask their parents who will take care of the other children.   I see Santa in the families who spend their holidays making sure a less fortunate family can provide for their children.   I was blessed with children and step-children who even as young children themselves, worried about the happiness of other children and the elderly.

Have you ever read a story of a man, woman or child who did selfless deeds for others?  And you think of the goodness of that person?  And part of you wants to incorporate that goodness in to your own personal being?   That’s kind of how I see Santa.  Santa is an ideal.  An ideal of how we can be towards one another.   “Santa” is something we absorb in to our selves, and become, if we choose.

I believe in Santa because I see his image in the good deeds done for others.  From those who don’t expect recognition, or deeds returned.

I know Santa exists when I see gifts given freely to others.

Every day.

I see Santa in acts of charity, love and compassion.

All year round.