Dear Starbucks,

I don’t care what color your cups are.   Your coffee is too bitter for me.   I have to admit, I like the frozen drinks, those are okay.  So I’m hearing all kinds of crap about your use of red cups at Christmas. Personally, I like the color red at Christmas.  Though I never associated your cups with Christmas.   I never realized you used decorated cups at Christmas.   Hey, thanks for trying to be joyful, whatever your reason.  I don’t have any business trying to interpret your faith, as long as you aren’t a hater, I’m respectful.

Just as an aside, someone else did something regarding red cups and he got a huge country music hit out of it.

But, do what you want with your cups.  It’s your business.

I’m pretty unaware of social media usage.

Did I use “hashtags” correctly in the following:



I only ask you because the world seems to believe you are trendsetters or hipsters.  Or whatever the current slang is for people in the know.

Oh, I do like some of your mugs and insulated iced drink holders.  They are pretty pricey.   But I like them.  So if you could do something about those prices I’d really be impressed.   And maybe your coffee wouldn’t taste so bitter if it wasn’t so pricey.  Now that, I think, would be something to address you about.   Your coffee and your prices.  Seeing as how that is your business.   How about a less bitter coffee.  Lower prices.  And whatever cup color you want.


A Less Bitter Coffee Drinker

Who Does Not Find Her Faith On My Coffee Cup

I call shenanigans on the whole thing.