What I Remembered To Remember

In school we go about our day to day existence trying to remember things to pass the test.  We pass the test (we hope) and move on to what we need to remember for the next test.  But we’re supposed to be learning this stuff for life.   So I decided to make a list of the things that I remember learning at school.   Because if I remembered them, they must have been very important along my way to where I am.  I have read that  the things you remember are things that you find important (and it must be very important for me to know this because I repeat it often).   So, everything I remembered to remember must be of the utmost value to my life.  In no particular order to what grade I learnt these things:

The square root of stuff.

My multiplication tables (likely the second most used remembered learnt thing).

Do not throw DeeDee in the bushes.  DeeDee’s don’t bounce.  And skin is not puncture proof. (Sorry, still, DeeDee.  Why, again, was that supposed to be fun?)

They’re (they are).   There (as in over there).  Their (as in it belongs to).  And the difference.

55 is not pronounced  Fivetee Five.  (And I have said fifty-five ever since.   Except when telling this story.)

Big slabs of raw red meat go on your bruised face (courtesy of nun who got hurt at school).

Readin’ and writin’.  (Probably the best thing ever.)

The ability to daydream, totally zone out, and appear to be awake.

Shorts are a vital part of any outfit that includes a stupid skirt.

I don’t remember names after three months of summer.

Singing loudly in a group, some very catchy tunes, is awesome.

I don’t sing well.

Science stuff.

The Pledge of Allegiance.

Cooking huge quantities of a food product and giving to hundreds of people at a time is not an exact science.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong.

Not everyone feels like they belong.

Snorting when laughing is funny.

A huge room filled with thousands of books gives me comfort.  But I don’t like to share books.

Cursive writing is fancy.  For some people.   A task for others.

Writing very small drives teachers nuts.

Boys are very different from girls.

Girls are very different from me.

Ten year olds in the same class do not have exactly three older brothers, two younger brothers, and two younger sisters at home.  And their parents are not all the same age as my parents.

Algebra is fun.

Geometry is mean and awful.

Some little people have a brilliant grace about them that everyone wants to be near.

Listening to other’s read is like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher to me.   All I hear is “waat waat wat waat waat”.

Psychology stuff is mind blowing.

That I don’t learn things exactly the way I’m supposed to.

That “epitome” is not pronounced EP-I-TOAM.

I’m sure there are more things I learned.  Other stuff I remember.  But right at the moment I can’t recall any more.  Fortunately I passed enough tests to successfully complete school.   Now, to remember enough stuff to successfully complete everything else.