I Don’t Want You To Be A Stupid Driver

She pulled out in front of us as we were going 55 miles an hour.  We were only  a hundred or so feet from her.  I had no idea it was a ‘her’ or that she would appear to be young.  All I knew was she did something that put quite a few people at risk.  Including us.

She pulled out in front us and we had ample opportunity to see she had temporary tags on her new vehicle.  We are very lucky that one or both of us were not left picking her license plate out of our teeth. Her car wobbled a bit as she got straightened out.   Husband had to hit the brakes, hit them hard.   After a few cars went racing by us we had to get over so we could pass her.  For once I was ready to throw some hand gestures and a few choice words towards the driver.  It was irresponsible and dangerous driving.   To be blunt it was downright stupid.

But as he pulled up along side her I looked in through the driver’s window and had to just look away.   She wasn’t very old.  Maybe late teens to early twenties.  She could be one of my daughters.  One of my friends.   She was alone.  So there was no one in the car with her to tell her how much of an idiot move that was.   It didn’t take but a second for me to have a horrible and morbid thought.

Sadly, I told Husband, she won’t live to be much older if she keeps driving like that.

It scared me.

For her.

I hope she got to where ever she was going.  I hope it scared her as much as it scared us.  Maybe she’ll learn from it.

 I don’t want her to be a stupid driver.  She could have been someone I loved.    Surely she has someone who loves her.   I know for certain we have people who love us who may have been a bit upset if this had ended up differently.  For all our sakes, I don’t want her (any of us) to be stupid drivers.