A Walk With Dawn

I woke this morning to news a beautiful friend was entering hospice.  I had a difficult time processing that.  Where was the miracle we had all prayed for?  I got up and went for a short walk at Dawn.  And, her name is Dawn.  I knew I had to come to terms with her only having a short time here left.  Weeks?  Months?  Though our friendship started many many years ago, and at one time was very close and strong, life took us in different directions.  Nothing but love between us, and time and distance and different lives.  But we reconnected years ago through social media.  With our mutual love of words, writing and laughing, we reconnected easily and comfortably.  We only saw each other a few times.  But we shared our written works.  Our questions and our excitement for each other’s successes.  I wrote the above for her this morning while I was trying to process how short our time here is, and how short our time with friends can be.  Dawn made sure to let us all know she loved us.  I wrote the above trying to sooth my own pain and impending loss.

Then, I was told she had passed.

Just today I wrote how what I write here is often not a reflection of what I am going through or anything personal.

Today …. it is.

In Dawn’s memory I hope there are more “I love you” s said today, and more attempts at doing something that means a great deal to you.  Try it.  Put yourself out there.   She was also one of great compassion.  I hope her spirit covers us all with a little bit more compassion.  God speed Dawn.