My American Day

Bike Ride

Good morning America.


Thank you.

American Day

For another full day.

2 day

I heard the Constitution Of The United States of America

Read out loud.

And people listened.

The Constitution

I stood

Among a town of strangers

Who gathered

To celebrate together.

The Symphony

And it was my first attendance

Of a symphony.

The first song I heard


The Star Spangled Banner.


We didn’t do anything fancy.

But what we did do was perfect.

We celebrated

Being free.

Enjoying Our Freedom

I do recognize

That being free

Comes with a cost.

In addition to the men and women

Who serve us all-

We have an obligation

To do our part.

I was free to roam today.

And see my America.

Because I work,

Because I do my best,

To do what I can,

Because I can.

And because I can,

I must.

I owe it to my America

To earn my freedom.