At Taco Bell

His booming voice jumped out of the speaker “how are you folks doing today?  how can I help you?”

My husband told him “I’m hungry!”

The man said “Well let’s see what we can do about that!”

The interaction was direct, focused, happy and so very enchanting.

I don’t know that I ever smile as much, while ordering food at a drive-thru.  We pulled around to pay for our food.  He was taking someone else’s order in the new fangled headsets all the fashionable fast food workers are wearing.

He continued to be as personable and pleasant, and efficient, as any hard working person I’ve ever seen-can be.

He engaged with us.  He made us smile by making us feel like we made a brilliant choice by coming to where he worked and being lucky to go through his line.  Our interaction with him was less than four minutes.

I told him he was my favorite today.  I told him he made life better today.  (I gave him my book Make Life Better).  He said “I love that!”.

There’s something to be said for someone who can make others that happy just because we went through his line at Taco Bell.