Txt Me. And Make My Day.

Daughter:   O mamo what a great blog

Mamo:  i’m glad you liked it.  ❤

Daughter:  No i loved it

Mamo:  this makes me very happy!!!

Daughter:  🙂  one day mom ppl will read ur stuff.   many ppl.   and love it.

Mamo:  I hope so!  U have made me cry.

Daughter:  all  over the world even.

Mamo:  u inspire me.

Daughter:  nope its the other way around

Mamo:  Awwwwwww!  Daughter!   ❤

Daughter:  but its not just bc u wrote about us/me and grace.  ur stuff is awesome i just thought u should know

Mamo:  that means the world to me  🙂

Daughter:  sry i have never said it before just thought u knew i loved ur stuff

Mamo:   i love YOU????    i mean !!!!!!

Daughter:  i love you!!!!

Mamo:  my life is full because of u, ur sister, ur kids, and Po.

Daughter:  im so happy for u

Mamo:  🙂 u r my happy.  and thank u for who u r.

Daughter:  and u mom.

Mamo:  my heart over flows tonight.  ❤

Daughter:  im glad.


Not as glad as me that I have two such wonderful daughters.

Thank you for loving me.