If Someone Has To Be Embarrassed….

…..it might as well be me.

What a great day.  It’s raining.  Which is good for the farmers and people trying to salvage their yards.   Okay, mostly for the farmers.  Yards aren’t as important.  But people do work on them.

Today we participated in a charity ride.   So the rain wasn’t really a blessing for biking.  But it beats the 100+ temperatures we’ve been having.

We had a great turn out of coworkers and friends to ride the “tour”.

The volunteers were friendly and cheerful.  So pleasant!  I am amazed by people who volunteer their time to do good things for other people.  They impress me.   The people riding, we’re doing the same thing.   Everyone that showed up today was there to benefit someone else.  And in turn, hopefully help our community.

So we ride a wet but very pleasant 40 miles me and my friend.   Great ride.

No problems.  Happy riding.  We stop at the end, park our bikes along side other bikes.    And schmooze with other locals and bikers.   We eat.  We are really pretty pleased with ourselves.   Riding the hills and not wiping out.  Riding the hills and not having to walk up them.   Riding and appreciating the beautiful scenery we don’t always necessarily pay attention to.  We snap some pictures.  Share stories about the ride.   Wonder how other riders are doing.

Great day.

But I have things to do as well.  I need to head home to get things ready for a two year old’s birthday party.

I get my bike and head to my friend’s car where I had stashed some things before the ride.  The start and end of the ride was only a mile and half from my house so I had ridden my bike there.

I head to her car to get the things from her car.

And there.  In front of 5 million other people…

I look down as I roll away wondering what was wrong with my not moving right or feeling right bike.   I look down as the tire went completely flat.

And so did I.

As I tumble oh so gracefully on to the sidewalk.  Knee first.  From a killer speed of about 2 miles an hour.

I just realized something.  I hope I didn’t cuss.

I push the bike away from me and get up.


My friend comes running to my rescue.  Others stood there ready to jump in to action but didn’t want to be the ones making the first approach.  Thank God for friends!   Once I looked up the others averted their eyes.  Crap.


Why couldn’t I fall where NO ONE would see me?  (Or hear me if I cussed).

Why couldn’t my tire stay perfectly fine until I rode maybe a 1/4 of a mile away from the gathering of millions of people.

Why do I have to be the one that as I get up, everyone of the 5 million people standing there, are staring at.


Because I am that kind of person.  I will sacrifice my humility and my pride so no one else has to.

You are welcome.

I can ride great. I can fall over great too.