Being The Important Person

I thought today wasn’t such a good day.

I went to a seminar today. The seminar was okay.   As okay as a seminar can be when it’s intention is to teach us about all of the wicked drugs that are created for the sole purpose of making money off of the addictions, weaknesses, and stupid decisions.  The information and education is over whelming when you can relate it to real life events.  The presenter did a wonderful job. But I left with my head swimming with visions of drugs. Kids on drugs. Adults on drugs. Our country fighting about drugs.  Suicide.  And memories of a young boy who killed himself doing something very stupid because he thought a game of Russian Roulette was a good idea.  It never is.   I went to his funeral.  And others.

I came home and just wanted to do nothing.   I felt irate.  I felt irritated.  Frustrated.   This seminar brought up real memories of real people in real bad life situations.   Some recovered.   Some were buried.  Some still battle.

I was reminded of lessons learned about simple things that make a difference in a child’s life.  He spoke of them.  I remembered reading the book about forty things that make a difference in a child’s life.   Things like dinner with your family (always a must at my house every single day).   Church.  Other important adults in your life.  Expectations.  Talking with your children.  Talking about serious things with your children.   The presenter today even said talking to your children in the car on the way to the grocery store makes a difference.   And I did flash back to hundreds of those moments in my Toyota Rav 4.   Driving here there and every where.   And talking.  Singing.  Yelling.   Whatever the moment called for.

But it wasn’t enough to stop the dwelling on the sad state of affairs about drugs.   I found myself pulling up the memories of the kids lost to drugs.  The suicides and the stupid, stupid decisions made.  Lives horribly changed.

I would have sat there all night long if the kids in my own life that I had lectured for years, didn’t call on me tonight.  And the night changed.   I had to drag myself out of my chair.  In to my car.   And go rejoin my life. And I’m glad I did.

Because even though I don’t have my Toyota Rav 4 any longer….I can still have the conversations in the car that matter.  And  make a difference.

I just needed a reminder.

Fortunately I had a very good reminder.

On the way home and out of the blue she said “Mamo today was a very good day.”

I asked why.

“Because Mrs. Teacher used me as an example today”.   I was impressed with her use of ‘example’.

How did she do that, I asked.

“She had me write my name on the board.”

Did you do a good job?

“Well except I used upper case on “m” and we’re only supposed to use upper case letters on the first letter.”   I was impressed with her use of “upper case”.

But did you do a good job?

“Yes. I did.”

Why did she pick you?

“I don’t know.   She just picked me.”   And this alone made it a “very good day” for her.  Something important to her.

I was mistaken.   It truly was a very good day.  For both of us.  She needed to share it.  And I needed it to be shared with me.   The importance, of talking about important things.  With people that matter.

Every moment with every child is a chance to leave an impression.  And every child is an opportunity to continue learning.  And continue teaching.  And every child has the potential to make a difference in our world.   And we have the potential to make a difference in theirs.   We can be important people in their world.   Because they are the priority in ours.

Let’s clean this world up.

I hope by the time they’re in the work force they don’t have to go to seminars to learn about the new drugs that are coming out and trying to destroy us.