Can A Tree Be Alone In A Forest?

Today I wanted to go where other people weren’t.  There’s a county fair not even half a mile from my house.  But I didn’t want to go.  Too much noise.  Too many people.  I wanted peacefulness.  But I wanted to see things.  I wanted to walk and see things.  But I didn’t know what I wanted to see.  I just knew I wanted to.

So I walked.

Down the street.  Up another street.  Cut across a street.   And disappeared in to the woods.  Up a hill.  And through the trees.

One of the first things I saw.

Something about trees….and their character.

This tree stands among others.  But it feels so unique.  I look at it and feel character.  If trees feel, I wonder if they ever feel alone in the forest.  And if not, I wonder if surrounded by so many other trees at all times, do they ever feel a need to be alone.    But to be alone, what would have to happen to the other trees.

Stone walls that have lived longer than humans have existed.


Little Caves.

Down past the ‘Little Cave’ I came across a child.  A young teenager.  As I approached to explore an area I had not yet seen he said “there’s people over there”.  I kept walking before I fully processed what he said, and by the time I did, I didn’t know what he meant.  Until I saw a boy and girl’s head pop up over the rocks, they turned  to look at me.  They were facing one another, and the girl did not seem to have a shirt on.  She grinned at me.  But I could see from both of their faces that I probably did not want to approach.  Or maybe it was them hoping I wouldn’t get any closer.   I turned and walked the other way.  The boy yelled out to the boy  who cautioned me, I’m pretty sure he thought the look out boy had let him down.  The look out boy yelled to the boy and girl behind the rocks “are you done yet?”   I kept walking and didn’t wait for an answer.  But the lookout boy kept talking and I could hear him say “were there enough people out here for you?”    Part of me wanted to chuckle.   The mom in me wanted to turn around and  lecture them.  I did neither.

Shadows that seem to have life.

Below my feet. But reached my ears.

So close and yet a world away.  At my feet were hundreds if not thousands of people.  I could see them by the bunches.  I could hear them as if I was standing among them.  It felt like a party down there.   But I was happier where I was.

I kept looking.





I still don’t know what I was looking for.  I don’t think I found it.  There were still too many people around.  But I enjoyed what I saw.  It wasn’t the excursion I was hoping for.  But it was full of things to see.  Whether I wanted to see them or not.