On The Chair In My House

Today I am climbing a mountain.  I will stand  atop that mountain.  Or a tree stump.   Or a chair in my house.  And pound my chest.  And exclaim with all of the drama (good drama, like Oscar Award Winning drama) I can muster that this is my domain!  This grey matter between my ears, this soul that occupies my aura, this heart that beats within my chest cavity….it is mine!

And when I stand atop this mountain, tree stump or chair I will proclaim with every fiber of my being, with every ounce of energy my blood holds:


I will believe.

I will believe in my worth, my value and my abilities!

I will not doubt.

I will not doubt for one minute

What it is I can do,

What it is I will do!

I will be the one to determine

How I feel and what I think.

I will bravely question the injustice I see.

And I will own the cowardice I hoard.

 I will not falter, today, in who I am.

I will not give my self away-

And no one will take from me what it is

That is my realm.

I will not decry my influence!

I will not belittle the power of me.

Today, today,

Today!  I will believe.

And with my last line as I stand atop my mountain, my tree stump, or my chair I will fling my arms back – I will arch my powerful self -arms flung wide-hair too short to flow in the wind or the air of the ceiling fan – and I will know it!

I will stand there for my moment of might, my glory of empowerment.

I will glance down the mountain.  Or in to the yard.  Or around the kitchen.

I will climb down from my perch.

But I will remain high atop my claim.


I own this.