I have long ‘wished’ to be an artist.  Though I feel I have great self-discipline I do not have the discipline needed to hone any abilities or skills that may lay latent within the creator of me.  But.  I do have fun.  I have an electronic drawing pad.  I am so taken with views and visions that I often take a screen shot of beautiful things and try to recreate them.  I always have fun with it but I don’t always have success.  I really enjoyed this one.  It is in the mountains somewhere, which called to me even more.  I know without the electronic drawing pad I would not have much success.  I suppose though, there is success in the relaxing of it, the listening to music while doing it. and the patience I normally lack but find while doing it.  So there’s all that wrapped up and tied with a figurative bow.

I hope your visions and views are inspiring today.