Ashley At Denny’s

My husband and I took four small children in to a 1950’s themed diner today.  We made a complete mess, one child dousing himself and his immediate area in apple juice, and had one lovely patron fall in love with all of the children.  She made a point to come over and tell each child they were absolutely beautiful.  After we finished eating I busied myself putting coats on children while husband went to pay the bill.  When we left we were outside buckling the children in to the car.  I asked my husband if he had tipped and he said yes and told me how much, I asked if he had spoken to the manager about the waitress and he said no.  I told him I was going back in after we got all of the kids buckled in.

The diner was hopping busy.

There were black shirted staff all around the back of the counter as soon as I walked in, about six or seven of them.  I asked if there was a manager.  A nice man said “I am”.   And everyone else just froze.  They literally (from “actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy:”) stopped moving and watched me.  It kind of made me panic.  They were all staring at me and I wasn’t sure why.

I got all nervous but just did what I came in to do.  I smiled at him and put my hand in my pocket.  I pulled out some more money and gave it to him.  I asked him to give it to Ashley.   I told him we had just left with four little children and she was exceptionally kind and helpful to our “littles” and us while we were there and made it a wonderful experience.  When I handed him the money, he had remained smiling, the others suddenly started to move.   And smiled.

It occurred to me that maybe they didn’t always have the experience of having someone come back in and ask for the manager for a good reason.   Which makes me sad.  We take time out of our days to complain, enough so that people aren’t surprised by it.  But when we take the time out of our day to be thankful and complimentary, people are surprised and not sure what to expect.  I know that the kind and courteous manner in which we were treated was not a one time occurrence so hopefully they get thanked often.  Maybe people just don’t go back in after they have left, to do so.

(Just so I’m not making my husband look bad, the tip he left was already 45%, I wanted to go in and add the additional tip of speaking to her boss.  I was always told when you want to thank someone for doing a good job, tell their boss.  I added the extra money just to make the additional point to her boss how well she did.)