Live Without Excuses

Just some facts about the Warrior Dash yesterday.

I placed 81 out of 196 in my age group for females.  I came in at place number 2130 out of 9827.   I’m pretty pleased with my attempt.

But by comparison.   Here are what some other folks did:

Joan N age 71 came in at overall place 4255.   She is my newest inspiration, whoever she is.

Steve S age 79, and no I am not kidding you, ran it in…get this:


Placing an over all at # 576, out of 9827.

Can you say Wow!!!?

Joan and Steve are going to be my “I have no excuse to  not try new things” reason for the rest of my life.

Is everyone duly impressed with these people?

Three other 70+ year old men ran.

You know what this tells me?

I have over twenty years to practice running, up hills, through mud, through streams and ponds and creeks, jumping fire  and throwing myself over walls to try and match these folks.

It’s all about living.  And trying.   And loving life.


Just one more picture.  Because I like this one the best.  🙂