Create Your Wings

Wing Design

If you knew in the end you would be wearing wings, and they would be made out of what you created here, what would your wings be made of?

Certainly not sugar and spice and everything nice will be adorning my wings.

But apparently the rules of wing design are you can only use the positive you created here, to uniquely design your wings.

You, and you alone, must be able to recognize the positive you created.     I believe the theory behind that is…if you can’t recognize the good you do – then how can you build on the good you do?

We don’t seem to have any problems recognizing our downfalls.

So get ready for your wing design.

And learn to appreciate what you do and who you are and what you mean-to others.

My wings of course would be black and green.   Dark green.  With hints of a sparkle that flash brilliantly.

The sparkle is the joy I’ve felt in my life for others.   Their successes.  Their phenomenal moments.  Their happiness.   The black is the power of the strength I grew in to emotionally and physically.   The green is the passion for the beautiful things in my life.  Things like a place, a sound, a sight, a sigh.

Woven in to the folds of the wings would be laughter I shared with others, laughter others shared with me, and laughter that helped me keep in check any grand ideas I had about myself.

In a pattern on the back of the wings would be the awe that I allowed in to my life to inspire me and encourage me.   The pattern would be created by the flowing in and out of me as I had experienced it.  A design I didn’t even know I had created.

My wings won’t have feathers.  Instead, there will be layers and layers of relationships.  Relationships that were part of my life.  I will be amazed that the strength of a relationship that lasted less than sixty seconds has as much a span as some relationships that lasted years.  It’s the import of the interaction that gives each layer and span it’s length and width.

My wings will be dynamic in their shape, formed by the ebb and flow of the good I did in my life.  I will be able to see the curves as they expand with my selflessness, and turn in to give shape, when I had the opportunities to learn.   Learn that I could indeed be more selfless.

My wings will be adorned with the hints of the fun and creativity I displayed while here.  Looking at the wings you won’t really be able to see the Shadow People or the words I wrote.   I won’t have adornments hanging from the wing tips.  But there will be a shade of difference in the weaving and a shadow image you catch if you look just right.  But it will ripple with the beat of my wings and you won’t always see the same thing twice.

These wings will not be pieces and parts put together.  The weaving and patterns and creativity gone in to the wings will grow together to become the strengths of character and charity that I lived here.  They are created by the life of here.  Built upon the good and the positive.  Their existence comes in to being with every moment I cherish.   And every moment I am cherished.

These wings will not be attachments.

They will be the living source of the proof of my existence.  They will pulse not with the blood of life as we know it here.  But with the love of life we will only know there.

Wing Design