Better Than Warm In The Office

It was cold.

Butt numbing cold.

And I had absolutely nothing to prove.  It was cold.  So I dressed for cold.

Husband, on the other hand, is a man biker.

I would like to add that he had to take his glasses off soon after this picture was taken because they are metal frames.  And the metal frames were freezing to his head.

The greenery was incredible.

At one point to my left I saw a huge winged creature low in the barren limbs of the trees.  I was a little too leery of being attacked by said winged creature to stop and take a picture.  It was an owl or a hawk.  Something brown and white winged.  And the wing span was enormous.

It was cold, but not cold enough to freeze the water.

And not so cold that we didn’t stop to check out the tow path sites.

No, this is not a sexy pose.  This is a “go over there and let me take your picture” while I was eating my Think Thin nut bar.

And then I was looking in the window to see if I could catch a glimpse of the family living here a hundred years ago.

No, I did not see anything.  Bummed.

It is Easter week, but I don’t know if this is permanent or just for this week.  But I appreciated the effort someone went to.

We ended the ride, happily.  Happy to have done it.  Happy during the doing of it.  Happy to be done.

Great job taking care of your bike path Stark County Parks.

Butt numbing cold and all it was still a great day.   Much better than being warm in the office.