Let Me Define My Femininity

I realized at some point very early on in my life that I wanted to be physically strong.  I did not enjoy being considered weaker than my brothers, or boys, or anyone.  And I didn’t want to be considered physically weak because I was a girl.

So I decided I would not be.

So I wasn’t.

It never occurred to me that being physically strong was not feminine.  Until others pointed it out to me.  It was pointed out, frequently, along my journey.

I decided I would live my point, to them.

I am feminine.

I am feminine as a female warrior, mother, provider, protector, nurturer, lover, weight lifter,  care giver, ditch digger, nursing, diaper changing, log splitting, brick breaking, lullaby singing, punching, kicking, sweating, life enjoying, cussing, stubborn, argumentative, gentle as whispers, don’t mess with this momma, cry at commercials, arm wrestling, mountain climber, hammer swinger, woman.   Who, by the way, has fears.

My strength does not diminish my femininity.

My femininity is enhanced by my strength.

Girls, my advice if I may be so bold as to share it, is be as strong as you want to be.  It’s every bit as much of being feminine as you want it to be.