Come On Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all of the April foolery from yesterday let’s get down to serious business.

Making fun of my boss.


A few April fool’s moons ago one of the best pranks¬†ever¬†was played out on my boss. ¬†I can’t take credit for it. ¬†But I had the intense pleasure of participating. ¬†I will celebrate every April fool’s day with this memory. ¬† I’m sure there are more intense pranksters out there who can out do this. ¬†But it was so simple. ¬†And played out so beautifully by so many people.

Someone who worked with us, I will call her….Wendy…. yes Wendy. ¬† Suggested a brilliant joke to be played out on our boss. ¬†She would bring in a battery operated radio and we would put it in her false ceiling. ¬†And we would have joy all the day long.

Wendy and I were there before anyone else. ¬† I took off my shoes and I climbed on her desk to put the radio in the false ceiling. ¬†We turned it so low that it was not obvious. ¬†Wendy and I stood in different places in the quiet office to make sure it could be heard. ¬†And it could be. ¬†The office was very quiet when we did our sound check so it was perfect. ¬†With the noise of the office the radio would not be obvious. ¬†I climbed down from the desk. ¬†We made sure there were no footprints on her desk. ¬† We had been careful to not disturb anything. ¬† I don’t know about you, but I know when someone has been messing with my stuff. ¬†We were so very careful.

Boss comes to work. ¬† I don’t remember how long it took to hear her start asking questions. ¬† Through out the morning she would ask different people to come in to her office and see if they could hear anything. ¬†She had some supervisors. ¬†The director of the entire agency. ¬† Random colleagues.

No one could hear anything she was talking about.

Many of the people she asked were in on the joke. ¬†A few were not but immediately picked up on it. ¬† It was not obvious when you walked in that there was loud music or anything. ¬† At one point she asked me to come in. ¬†She had me stand in three different places. ¬†“Don’t you hear it?” ¬† She was looking a little desperate. ¬† I started to feel a tinge guilty. ¬†Just a smidge.

Then “The Price Is Right” started to play on the radio. ¬†Wendy must have had it tuned to a TV station or some frequency that picked up the show. ¬†I have no idea. ¬†It doesn’t matter.

She was convinced that the woman in the office next to her had a TV stashed in her desk and was addictively watching “The Price Is Right”. ¬† Because, as we all know, you would risk your job to watch Bob spin that wheel.

She went in and asked her. ¬† Of course she wasn’t! ¬†I am certain there was some indignation in her response. ¬† As she tried to not blow the gig.

This went on for hours!

Finally Boss had to leave. ¬†She thought she was going crazy. ¬† All she could hear was “come on doooooooooooooooooown”. ¬† She gathered her stuff and told me she was going home for the day. ¬† She looked so sad. ¬†She left. ¬†I said something to someone and we decided to rescue her from her impending mental crash.

I ran after her.  I brought her back in the building and took her to her office.  I kicked my shoes off and got the radio.

Her relief was immense.

If it wasn’t so damn funny how she was so tormented, I would feel bad for tormenting her so.

But I was just a pawn in this brilliant ploy. ¬† So I don’t feel bad. ¬†Mostly because she gets a bigger kick out of it than the rest of us. ¬† Well, maybe not fully, but we’ll let her think so. ¬† ¬†Now, if we had known how well this would work…. ¬†we could have saved it for a day when we needed some boss free office time. ¬† Daggoneit. ¬† If we had only known the power we Wendy had.